For those of you interested in International travel, you may already have a passport. The thought of visiting new places is a welcoming adventure. One beams with excitement and anticipation of traveling to another country. Traveling abroad can be contagious as friends and family return from their trip to share stories about their experiences and pictures that document them. Those on the receiving end are wide-eyed and wow-faced filled with much anticipation for their turn at adventure. As a result, an increasing amount of U.S. passports are being issued! Still, there are those that find International travel daunting and have never traveled outside of the country. They may have trepidation about the different and unknown parts of the world. Surprisingly, as of 2017 less than 35 percent of the U.S. population has a valid passport. In time, they too may join the growing trend of seeking adventure  and as the popularity of International travel grows, the greater the need for information on obtaining and renewing a passport. Undoubtedly, traveling within the country is an eye-opening experience with its topographical beauty, variety of cultures and unbelievable food. As one ventures out to sites around the world, the memories are archived exponentially with each destination stamped in their passport. Do you need to apply for a new passport or renewal? Not sure what is required or where to go? Click Here!